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At INVORG, CIO does not only mean chief information officer, we transformed it to chief innovation officer. Our “new CIO” is the synergy of information & communication technology, business strategy, and innovation. We provide innovative solutions to your needs by aligning and leveraging ICT in all aspects of your organizations.

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End-to-end CRM Implementation

Seamlessly integrate people, process, data, policy and technology. Our unique methodology and proven CRM implementation approach combined with industry best practices differentiates us from other CRM partners.

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NEW: E6 Client-Centred Care Platform

Finally, technology which delivers client-centred care!

Our clients in the not-for-profit sector use the E6 CCCP to enable them to deliver end-to-end client experience, efficient and effective services, optimized resources and improve health outcomes and quality of lives.

E6 CCCP helps solve the common challenges in the home and community support services sector.

If you want to know more about a technology that will enable you to deliver enriched and seamless client experience, let's chat. 

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E6 - Security, Privacy Risk Management Program

“Putting lipstick on a naked pig” is a statement I heard 20 years ago in my information security class at Carnegie Melon University in Pittsburgh, USA. Seems like we are still doi..

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Canadians welcome refugees…INVORG helps to make their life in Canada better!

For the past few years, TV and Radio waves and digital media have been full of stories about refugees fleeing from war-torn countries like Syria, Yemen, M..

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