The Institute for Business Technology & Innovation (IBTI) is a training division of INVORG, powered by the E6 Human Experience Engine. Learn through process-based training on business technology & innovation: methods & approaches, productivity tools & enterprise applications, and frameworks & best practices.

IBTI is a training + internship institute onsite at INVORG.

It was started to help individuals, businesses and the community. IBTI fosters innovation, makes London an innovation hub with a critical mass of talent, and provides individuals with tools to advance their careers with the knowledge required in the new digital era.

For Individuals
Advance your career with the knowledge required in the new digital era. Become an innovative, critical thinker that helps business leverage technology to transform.

For Organizations
Organizations are spending significant investment on technology, but are not seeing a return. IBTI trains your team to help your organization achieve its business goals by leveraging technology and innovative thinking.

The IBTI Difference

Focus on innovation. We focus on business innovation, not hardcore technology. Learn how to help organizations innovate and achieve business goals through digital transformation.

Internship opportunity. Our training + internships programs offer hands-on experience in real business situations.

Valuable mentors. Learn from an experienced trainer, a CEO, and individuals already working in the job you want.

What we offer:

Methods & Approaches
• Project Management
• IT Governance
• Business Analysis
• Agile, and many more

Productivity Tools & Enterprise Applications
• Microsoft Office 365
• Dynamics CRM

Frameworks & Best Practices
• Change Management
• Innovation Management

We can customize a training program tailor fit to your needs.
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Current Courses

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certification

“CRM will be at the heart of digital initiatives in the coming years.” -Gartner

CRM is a future technology, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a leader in the market.

This course provides students with the tools to customize and configure Dynamics CRM implementation. The focus is on using and understanding how the platform can be leveraged to create custom objects, modify the user interface, automate tasks, and other specific customizations.

Take this course to:
• Increase your earning potential
• Get your foot in the door with a technical certification
• Open your job possibilities

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Business Analysis Training

The business analyst is a critical function required for every digital transformation initiative. The role of the BA comes in when an organization is going through innovation; when traditional methods no longer lead to achieving business goals in unfavorable economic conditions. The BA helps the organization implement technology solutions by identifying the program or project requirements, and translating them to the stakeholders and partners involved.

To be a great BA, you don’t need to have an IT background; you need to be a good listener and critical thinker.

What you will learn in the training:
• How to adapt technology for operational efficiencies
• Techniques in improving customer service and business processes
• Tips on increasing business revenue
• Methods in implementing innovative ideas

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