E6-Digital Risk Management Program as a Service

No longer is business and digital separate. More than ever, businesses and digital have become one. Disruptions caused by digital transformation is taking the world by storm. Every aspect of humanity is affected by this digital storm. Digital is a business. Digital risks are business risks. Not having a continuous and effective risk management program will jeopardize the viability and growth of organizations. Organizations with enormous resources are investing in millions annually to protect their digital assets from falling in the hands of digital thieves. Unfortunately, small to medium-sized organizations are not investing enough to protect their digital assets or having the right structure and mechanism to implement an effective digital risk management program. Often organizations misunderstand digital risk management. Digital risk management is much more than implementing a secure firewall or encrypting data. These are necessary and part of an effective digital risk management program. A comprehensive and effective digital risk management program includes much more than these. A Comprehensive digital risk management program must take into consideration all digital assets and the impact on the organization if these assets stolen or compromised in the organizations. Often one or two staff members or an outside service provider is performing all tasks related to the digital risk management from creating user accounts, changing passwords, configuring and setting up firewalls, monitoring the digital security systems for risk related issues, providing oversight, reporting security incidents to upper management, etc. This is similar to allowing the “allowing the fox to guard the hen house”. This approach is very dangerous. Ultimately a CEO or board of directors are responsible and accountable for ensuring digital risks are managed and protected from falling in the hands of unauthorized persons.   INVORG’s E6-Digital Risk Management Program as a Service (E6-DRMPaaS) is designed to help small and medium-sized organizations of all types to implement an effective, efficient and economical risk management program to ensure continuous viability and growth of the organization. E6-DRMPaaS is Strategic, Comprehensive, Innovative, Continuous and Sustainable. If you would like more information about E6-DRMPaaS please email our office today. Email:            

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CIO as a Service (CIOaaS)

Information technology (IT) is critical to every organization, regardless the size, as it is at the heart of every significant operational process. It is crucial to innovation and enterprise success.

Many organizations do not have the luxury to hire a permanent CIO and are unable to provide the leadership to leverage ICT to transform their services and promote growth. Often, these organizations make ICT decisions based on technology rather than organizational or business needs. Often, this leads to chaos and waste of huge amount of investments.

At INVORG, we have a unique way of providing virtual CIO service. We combine the roles of a CIO and CI(N)O aka chief innovation officer. We give organizations the option to employ their own “new CIO” or complement their current ICT leadership with CI(N)O domain expertise.

How is the CIOaaS implemented?
We form a long-term strategic partnership with organizations looking to compete in the fast-paced technological business world. An experienced, qualified expert is assigned to act as the CI(N)O, who is supported by our team of seasoned ICT and business strategists. Your INVORG CI(N)O will be available on- and off-site, depending on your organization’s needs.

Because organizations are unique, we at INVORG follow a 4-step systematic approach to evaluate, discover, design and execute.
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What is included in the CIOaaS package?
We design the service package that meets your organization’s unique needs. We offer a comprehensive coverage of strategic and operational services.
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What’s in store for your organization?
• Standardized, secure, reliable, high-performing ICT infrastructure contributing to expert staff level and client satisfaction
• Complete CI(N)O office with multiple experts as needed in specific domain areas
• Short- and long-term savings from better contract negotiations and elimination of legacy systems
• Continues alignment of ICT with business or organizational mission
• Optimized business process resulting to efficiency, effectiveness and cost reduction

There are numerous other benefits for your organization in subscribing to CIOaaS.

If your organization is going through growth and transformation but doesn’t know where and how to start, let us help you.

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End-to-End CRM Implementation

Stay focused and cover your bases. Select, set up and implement the right customer relationship management (CRM) system for your organization. A CRM system that is not well-executed may feel more like a liability than an asset to your company.

A CRM system is a software tool used by organizations to reach out to clients, nurture leads, build relationships with contacts, communicate within your team, among others. Implementing a CRM system is a smart strategy to grow your business or fulfill your organization’s mission consistently. It is not just a one-time implementation or a data management solution – it is an integrated, long-term strategy. It is, therefore, critical that your CRM system is implemented and executed seamlessly.

We, at INVORG, will help you get there. We design, implement and optimize a best-in-class CRM platform that solves your organization’s challenges. We seamlessly integrate people, process, data, policy and technology.

Our unique methodology and proven CRM implementation approach combined with industry best practices differentiates us from other CRM partners. With INVORG, you have a trusted innovation partner.

What we offer:
• Seamless integration of people, processes, policy, data and technology
•Access to valuable insights through business intelligence and data
• Ready-to-use applications for public entities like profiles, payments, ticketing and service requests, citizens’ management, and more.
• Open platform so we can build processes specific to your organization
• Mobile app and functional web interface
• Easy-to-use management dashboard and reporting functionality
• Ability to integrate with your backend systems, Microsoft, Salesforce and other CRM brands tools

Your options:
If you are a small- or medium-sized business and are not ready for a sophisticated CRM system yet, we can build and customize your own CRM system to meet your company’s operational needs.
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If you have an existing CRM system but want to add more features and upgrade the functionality, let us help you handle your CRM while you focus on your growing business.
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Digital Transformation Strategy Development

"Digital Innovation will be at the heart of every successful organization.” At INVORG, we believe that digital transformations should always begin with a strategy development by understanding the organizational current and future business and digital vision, goals, and objectives and current and future stakeholders and their requirements. We follow a client-centric approach by implementing our Four-Step Process:

1. Understanding the business
2. Assessment of current state of the digital ecosystem and leveraging of digital in business functions
3. Development of digital vision
4. Development of digital transformation strategy and roadmap

If your organization is looking to develop an innovative and sustainable digital platform that enables and supports the current and future corporate strategic goals and service delivery needs but does not know where and how to start, let us guide you through this positive change.
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Other Services

Project Management:

Design, plan and execute your business’ or organization’s idea efficiently. Begin your project with INVORG and let us help you from the development through delivery so you achieve your goals as planned. Our team of project managers will work with you on- and off-site to seamlessly integrate your ideas into your actual operations, utilizing their leadership skills, project management experience and risk management background.
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Business Requirements Gathering and Analysis:

“Measure twice, cut once.”

In business, efficiency is key to make your customers happy. Thinking before acting is the first step to securing that ROI. No matter how good the idea or design of a project is, if the right requirements are not appropriately identified and gathered, it will not translate to your expected outcome.

With INVORG, we help you identify and analyze the needs that must be fulfilled to reach your high-level project objective. Our dynamic team of business analysts will ensure that all bases are covered, common and potential challenges are determined, and issues are communicated. Our approach is customized per project; we do not subscribe to a one-size-fits-all technique because each project is unique. We ask the right questions to the right stakeholders at the right time.
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Business Intelligence:

Accelerate and improve your organization’s decision-making process, optimize operational efficiency and boost internal business processes. With our BI service, you are confident that your organization’s executives, managers and top-level end users are guided to make informed organizational decisions.

INVORG BI solutions cover a wide range of tools, methodologies and applications that will enable your organization to gather information and data from internal systems and external sources. We will provide you with the solutions to prepare the collected data for analysis, develop and run queries, create reports, and many more.
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consulting: 

We have several Microsoft certified solution architects and developers on board. Our seasoned technical team can provide architecture, design and development services along with strategy development, among others.
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