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“INVORG is an enabler: we enable organizations to transform the lives of whom they serve.”
— Joseph Edward

Joseph is a result-oriented, award-winning visionary leader with a passion for community. He founded INVORG with a vision to uplift communities through innovative technology. He achieves his vision by helping public service entities transform through technology, and through his work developing training and employment opportunities for skilled Canadians who face barriers to building their careers, including newcomers. Joseph holds a Chief Information Officer Certification from Carnegie Melon University, USA and from the US General Services Administration. He is an IT veteran with over twenty years of leadership in technology, including four years as the CTO for the City of London.





Peter O'Grady
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Project Manager

Peter is a technology veteran known for his uncommon patience and logical approach to solving business challenges with technology. His work with the City of Guelph helped them engage their clients through a modern citizen engagement strategy. At INVORG, he particularly enjoys helping healthcare organizations build dynamic networks and improve service to their clients.



Ahmed is an experienced IT professional and a longtime university IT professor. He has written a half dozen academic papers on topics ranging from mobile technologies e-learning to networking, with a particular expertise in IT systems for the education vertical. Ahmed enjoys working for INVORG because it gives him a chance to improve the greater community through his work.


Stefanie Farrant
Client Experience & Change Management Lead

Stefanie comes to INVORG from Apple, Inc. At INVORG, she works closely with clients to ensure they have an outstanding experience throughout every step of the partnership. Her communications and business backgrounds make her especially effective at implementing integrated change management strategies customized to the client. Stefanie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media, Information & Technoculture and enjoys staying active outdoors in London. 


Albin Kmet
Solutions Architect & Development Lead

Albin brings a unique expertise to INVORG clients in that he specializes both in technology and design. His experience includes designing and building a custom CRM for an international Fortune 500 financial company which they used across their sales group instead of their existing SalesForce implementation. He loves working at INVORG because it allows him to see communities come together and accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.

David Brad
Senior Data-Integration Specialist & Senior Developer

David helps INVORG clients intelligently integrate their data across their applications. He gets satisfaction in helping clients find and implement a new, better way of doing the things they need to get done every day. He enjoys working at INVORG because it gives him the ability to improve the lives of people in the community. David, a Computer Programming graduate of Fanshawe Collage, describes himself as a full-time geek and a part-time powerlifter.


David Kirkpatrick
Data Transformation & BI Specialist

David is a valuable asset for INVORG clients thanks to his track record of success helping organizations innovate in the private, not-for-profit and public sectors. He has a knack for making business intelligence accessible and useful for organizations of any size. During his time at the City of London, he co-led the Transform, Cognos and Engineering Applications teams. He holds three degrees, including a Bachelors and Masters in Psychology and a Bachelors in Computer Science. In his spare time, he has been leading hikes around the Thames Valley since 1994.


Vianca Kmet
Marketing, Sales & Business Development Coordinator

Vianca is a results-oriented project manager with extensive experience in merchandising, marketing and strategic planning. She holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Science in Biology, both from De La Salle University. Her personal mission is to be a woman who makes a significant contribution to family, the workplace, and to society. 


Alexander Ouy
Junior Business Support Analyst

Alexander is a new Computer Science graduate of Western University. He was honored with the TD Scholarship in Computer Science and The Western Scholarship of Distinction.  At INVORG, he enjoys developing new features for clients that make a difference in their lives. Outside of work, Alexander enjoys working out and has competed in badminton.


Ahmad Chalabi
Junior Business Support Analyst

Ahmad is a recent graduate of Western University with a Bachelor of Engineering Science, Software Engineering. At INVORG, he builds responsive and effective features which exceed clients’ expectations, including a recent build of a report portal which generates multiple reports according to the users’ needs. Ahmad enjoys working at INVORG because of the inspiring working environment and is passionate about learning new technologies and building software applications.


David Rutledge
Junior Process & Data Analyst

David’s specialties include database engines including db2, Oracle, SQL server, MySQL and MS Access, C#, Java, .net Programming and web programming. He is a graduate of Fanshawe College with a degree in Business Information Systems. In his spare time, David has helped senior citizens and physically disabled people learn basic computing operations like using the Internet and using Microsoft Office. He also has an interest in entomology and has helped to raise a million coddling moths.



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