E6 - Security, Privacy Risk Management Program

“Putting lipstick on a naked pig” is a statement I heard 20 years ago in my information security class at Carnegie Melon University in Pittsburgh, USA. Seems like we are still doing the same after 20 years. In today's digitally connected world, businesses have “become digital” than businesses “using digital”. Today's CIO's are..

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Transforming Not-for-Profit sectors…

Not-for-Profit organizations are the heart and soul of every community. Without a vibrant Not-for-Profit sector, the communities will lose their souls and will become deserted. People from all sectors and economic and socio backgrounds rely on community support organizations for one reason or another. Only..

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INVORG and ONE CARE nominated for 2018 Pillar Community Innovation Awards

We are very honoured and pleased to announce that INVORG & ONE CARE have been nominated for 2018 Pillar Community Innovation Awards in the category Community Collaboration. We thank Pillar for this recognition! Congratulations to our fellow nominees as well! This award is a recognition for the visionary leadership provided by ONE CARE and other Community Support Services (CSS) agencies in Huron Perth Region and the dedication, commitment and hard work of many from INVORG, ONE CARE and o..

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INVORG enables new comers to rebuild their lives

The image of a toddler washed up on a beach near Turkey, fleeing of millions refugees escaping from the brutal wars, the recent arrival of Syrian refugees in Canada, and other recent news have brought back so much of my own memories to the forefront. This month is remembered as a “Black July” by Sri Lankan Tamils around the world in commemoration of the killings of over 10,000 Tamils in July 1983. This carnage became a catalyst for the Sri Lankan Tamils exodus. In October 1983, I arrived..

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INVORG Joins the First Annual Grand Parade

On Saturday, June 2nd, we joined our friends from One Care Home and Community Support Services who hosted the First Annual Grand Parade, a fundraising walk for the seniors and people with health issues. One Care is a not-for-profit charitable organization that provides services to support and strengthen the health, independence and quality of life for individuals and their families. For the past 3 years, INVORG has been collaborating with One Care in the region of Huron Perth in their servi..

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Transformation of Health Services in Ontario and the Role of INVORG

The provincial government of Ontario is in a lot of pressure from the health care sector. It has been declared that there is a progressing crisis in this sector despite it being the biggest budgetary recipient across the province. According to the Census 2016, for the first time in history, there are now more Canadians over 65 yea..

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Mary's Story

Mary's life story encouraged 13 Community Support Services (CSS) agencies in the region of Huron Perth, Ontario, Canada to come together and form a virtual organization to improve the service delivery, and to provide enriching client experience to seniors and caregivers.

On April 20th 2018, these agencies officially launched the CSS Network (CSSN). Kudos to all those who have been part of this journey. INVORG designed, developed and implemented a digital platform and enabled this tr..

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Conservatory Canada selects INVORG to Lead Business Transformation

INVORG Customer Story: Conservatory Canada   BUSINESS CHALLENGE Conservatory Canada was faced with a serious business continuity risk and business..

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INVORG Launches Training Institute

London Company Launches Institute in Response to Innovation Problem PROGRAMS ARE THE ONLY OF THEIR KIND OFFERED IN LONDON London, Ontario, July 31 — Growing innovation company INVORG has launched a business technology and innovation training and internship institute (IBTI) to create a new skilled talent pool in southeastern Ontario. The training and internship programs are targeted to both individuals and organizations seeking to build employable skills which transform business. IBTI bri..

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The London Innovation Leaders Meetup

We were pleased to host a fantastic group of innovation leaders in London this past May. Michelle Brown of Pillar Nonprofit Network gave an inspiring talk on her experience with innovation and the state of growth in London. We are hosting our next event on September 14! This event is all about you: it's a roundtable discussion for participants to share their experiences with innovation and best resources for business people and entrepreneurs. Learn what works best from people who are foc..

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Congratulations to INVORG's new Dynamics pros!

We are pleased to share congratulations with the seven new INVORG team members who are now Microsoft Dynamics CRM certified. Well done, team! INVORG is the most innovative CRM strategist and implementor in Ontario. We never just implement a CRM off-the-shelf. First, we work with you to identify your pain points, busin..

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INVORG announced as 2017 Techcellence Award finalist!

We are pleased to share that INVORG has been selected as a 2017 Techcellence Award finalist! We are a finalist for the Community Engagement Award, along with two other worthy companies. We hope to see you at the a..

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Want to draw, retain talent? Innovate

Joseph Edward, Special to Postmedia Network The London Free Press Friday, February 24, 2017 6:18:50 EST PM London has a people problem. Its population is g..

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Immigrant’s break helps bridge gap for others

By Hank Daniszewski, The London Free Press Wednesday, February 15, 2017 9:47:20 EST PM In 1986, Joseph Edward landed in London knowing almost no one and..

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Canadians welcome refugees…INVORG helps to make their life in Canada better!

For the past few years, TV and Radio waves and digital media have been full of stories about refugees fleeing from war-torn countries like Syria, Yemen, Mianmar, Libya, etc. Hundreds and thousands crossing the Atlantic in small boats and many drowning along the way, millions claiming refugee status in Germany and other European countries, migrants ships being refused entry into Italian ports, the imag..

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Be aware.... You could be next

Be aware…You could be next. 

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Is technology preventing you from.....?

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Introduction: Client-Centred Care

This is how one client described her experience of client-centred care.  As health care providers, we know how important calm surroundings can be for a client... and ourselves.  As human beings, we also know how crucial it is to feel that there is room to "be ourselves", fully resourced within our own uniqueness, especially in the face of personal crisis and change.  Client centred care (CCC) can help us, and our clients, accomplish this... and more. Sounds great.  So why not stop reading this blog and just send out a memo? The reality is that implementing and maintain..

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How do you explain Health Literacy?

Health Literacy is an important part of client-centred care. Clients need a full understanding of their condition and treatment options to make the important decisions that impact their well-being. This engaging and informative video explains the basics of health literacy, why it is important, and how health professionals can promote it.  It is a great resource for staff education. [embed][/embed]

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Why not-for-profits must protect data more than anyone else

Not-for-profit organizations are in the mission of uplifting humanity. They uplift individuals, families and communities with their hearts and minds. They employ their time, talent and treasure for the benefit of humanity. Without these organizations, the statistics of poverty will shoot up more than where it is today. Millions around the world will starve. Many will not have basic clothing, let alone protection from the freezing cold of winter. Mortality rate will increase because of malnutrition and inability to have access to appropriate health care… The impact to humanity will be huge..

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For the sake of uplifting humanity and providing real end-to-end human experience

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. The middle class is fading out.  The vibrant not-for-profit sector in every community is becoming very critical for many to live with dignity. Over the years, several not-for-profit and charitable organizations sprung up in communities to meet the needs of the people. They formed structures, developed policies and processes, implemented systems and recruited staff and volunteers to deliver services. For the most part, they rely on the generosity of donors and funding assistance from governments to sustain and deliver services. Slowly but surely, m..

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Implementing CRM as a business transformation strategy

“CRM will be at the heart of every digital transformation” – Gartner

Thousands of CRM implementations continue to fail…

Unfortunately, according to Gartner, thousands of CRM implementations are either failing completely or not delivering the expected business outcomes.

The question that lingers is, why?

First and foremost, there is no such thing as “IT projects”. All projects are business projects which are often enabled by IT. CRM implementation is a very different type of business project. It is a business transformational project that..

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Don’t take data security for granted…

Data is very valuable and powerful. If used right by the right people, it could enable transformation and innovation. If the data gets into the hands of the wrong people, it could be destructive and may ruin many lives. Time and again, news proliferate about people making wrong decisions because of data misuse. Sadly, there are incidents of identity theft that pushed people to the brink of total desperation. We live in an era of connected world and “global village”. Data is distributed all over the universe. All the systems are interconnected. The information we provide to obtain services..

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The Dangers of not having a Disaster Recovery Plan for your Company

Do you have a well thought out, current and tested disaster recovery plan (DRP)? Are you sure? It is with some confidence that I say most of you reading this article the answer is a resounding… No. Why? Because it is one of the more complex, hard to understand, costly, invisible and time-consuming management and operational issue a company must contend with. In many companies, it is not a priority until an incident arises and by then it is too late. Studies undertaken by research groups like Gartner and Forester, IT industry groups and insurance companies, present some very sobering..

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Developing virtual organizational model to enable client-centred, close-to-home Home and Community Support Services

Over the years, various Ontario governments have implemented centralized organizational model to coordinate and deliver home and community support services (CSS). This approach has not delivered on the promise of delivering close-to-home, client-centered service to those in need. INVORG is implementing an innovative Client-Centred Care Platform for enabling several agencies in Ontario to form a virtual organizational model to transform home and community support services, and to enrich the experience of patients, caregivers and service providers. This is a transformation taking place in a..

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Innovating Community Support Services in Ontario

Health Services in Canada are under enormous pressure: the population is aging, hospital wait times are getting longer and longer and money being spent keeps rising. The current situation is not sustainable. Which is why the Community Support Services sector is one of the most critical component for delivering holistic, close to home, one sector, client-centered healthcare services and end-to-end client and caregiver experience and improving health outcomes, improving efficiency, effectiveness and reducing the cost of services. Unfortunately, this sector is neglected and underfunded. Acco..

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Community Support Services (CSS) sector is very integral for providing holistic health services for seniors and others with health-related issues.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most neglected and underfunded sectors. But this is a sector with thousands of volunteers with big HEARTS.

Few years ago, 15 CSS agencies from a region called Huron Perth (HP) in South Western Ontario, Canada, came together and decided to address the problems faced by seniors and caregivers in getting CSS. They wanted to deliver Patients-First, One-Sector, Client-Cen..

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What will make you a success?

Joseph Edward, CEO of INVORG, shares his one simple tip for success. It all comes down to one word. Hint: it's not money, education, luck, family, friends, or even hard work. INVORG is a London, Ontario technology + innovation company whose vision is to uplift communities through innovative technology. INVORG is not an IT services company; INVORG is an innovation company which helps clients transform their business. INVORG..

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"After adversity, a career dream came true."

My name is David Rutledge and for years, I struggled to find a job that was a good fit for me. For a long time, I felt like my education was never going to be useful beyond being just a piece of paper on my wall. This is a short description of my story and how I felt.


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We are Canada! Unity in Diversity

INVORG is so proud to be a home for innovation and diversity. We have put together this video to share our passion for Canada with the world.

Watch and be inspired! Happy 150th anniversary to Canada and her people! We are Canadian!

"Canada is home."
"It gives me the opportunity to be who I am."
"Being Canadian means freedom. The ability to speak what I want and stand up for what I believe in. It's ..

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Unity in Diversity: A Story for Canada's 150th Anniversary

My name is Krupal Desai and I am a junior Software Developer at INVORG. Canada Day is very special to me because I have so much respect and gratitude for this country and the opportunities it has given me. Here is my story. I grew up in Western India. It’s still difficult for me to talk about, but my father passed away when I was just twelve years old. As I grew up, I felt a growing sense of responsibility to provide for my mother..

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Are you listening? Innovation Comes from Everyone, Everywhere

Innovation is no longer optional; companies must continuously improve or risk being outcompeted. Companies like Westjet have made millions of dollars by implementing ideas which came in through the tool they developed to receive and organize employee ideas. For inspiration, we can look to Japanese business practice of kaizen. Most commonly known via Toyota, ‘kaizen’ translates to ‘improvements’ and has evolved to mean continuo..

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Upcoming events

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Join us to talk business innovation!


(Please feel free to submit topics, guest speakers, etc. for this group at any time!) London Innovation Roundtable Discussion INVORG is pleased to host you -- changemakers, leaders, and community members -- for a roundtable on innovation on London. You are the ones who are in it, every day, working to build your ..

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Join us: The Innovation Leaders Event on March 2

Dear Friends and Colleagues, I am proud to announce a special event we are hosting at Innovation Works on March 2, 2017. It's a celebration to foster goodwill and networking among folks in the community. I would be honored if you would stop by to meet with other community leaders and enjoy a drink and some hors d'oeuvres with us. Please RSVP using the form below. All the best, Joseph Edward INVORG CEO & Chief Innovation Officer

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