E6-Newcomers Engagement and Empowerment Platform

E6-NEEP is designed to give Newcomers a seamless experience of getting services in their new country.

Benefits of Newcomers Engagement and Empowerment Platform

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Seamlessly integrates processes, data, technology, policies and reporting into a coordinated system to improve service delivery. 

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It enables newcomers to share their information (tell their story) one time instead of duplicating their information multiple times with multiple service providers. 

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Reduces the duplication of work effort and improves productivity by service personnel. The functionality of uploading data into government mandated systems eliminates the need for duplicate data entry activities.  

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Why is E6-NEEP critical to an organization?

Settlement agencies are expected to deliver excellent service at a fraction of the cost to newcomers. The demand is increasing and the resources are dwindling. Having a platform such as E6-NEEP is very critical for any organization to sustain and improve their organizations and deliver enriching experience to newcomers.

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What is included in the E6-NEEP package?

The E6-NEEP is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, industry leading CRM platform. This includes a centralized database where the information is collected once, stored and shared securely with the right people at the right time. Various capabilities such as client intake, referral, scheduling, event management, government reporting, case notes management etc. are included in this platform.  

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How is E6-NEEP implemented?

Based on the information gathered, we develop a strategy to implement the newcomers digital platform. Often, we leverage the E6-NEEP and configure to meet the unique needs of every organization. This platform is ideal for organizations who are involved in human services. 

E6 approach implementing Newcomers Engagement and Empowerment Platform


Understand organizational vision, goals, objectives and outcomes to align digital risk management program accordingly. 

Assess the current digital eco system including but not limited to people, policies, procedures, processes, data, tools, technologies, operational and governance framework and existing risk management gaps. 

Based on the assessment findings, we develop digital risk management strategy, plans with metrics for measuring the effectiveness of the program. Identify and prioritize the activities and develop a road map for execution. 

We ensure the plans are executed to achieve the goals and objectives.  

We provide continuous oversight to ensure the digital risk management is fully aligned and effective. 

We measure the KPI’s and outcomes to find countinious opportunities. 


This platform provides several dashboards for user to find real time information intuitively and efficiently. Also provides several reports to enable service delivery and decision making.

Built using Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology. It can be used on site or in the cloud.

This platform enables scheduling, time management, people resource management, appointment settings etc. 

We configure and customise the data, processes and work flow to align with organizational processes and needs.

Use industry security standards such HL7. It has roll base security enabled to allow certain people access to certain information.

Integrates with internal systems and external legacy systems.

Updates for field staff using a secure mobile app.

Process automation & secure notifications. 

“Every door is the right door” design allows a client to initiate service through any service personnel. 

Client consent authorizes the sharing of information with agencies providing service.

Centralized data base enables shared records to be shared amongst several agencies and provides 360-degree view of a client. 

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Check some of

Our success stories with some case studies

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This is the content for the case study 

Our NEEP will enable:
Secure centralised base to collect, store and share information efficiently and effectively.
Collection of data and shared amongst other service personnel to eliminate data redundancy.
Effective management of events and training sessions.
Efficient scheduling of clients and service providers
Work flow functionalities to inform appropriate service personnel appropriately based on organizational policies and procedures.
Centralized consent management system to allow sharing of information with appropriate personnel.
Automated uploading of information to external government mandated reporting systems.
Consistent recording of client and service related data and improves data quality.
High-level of collaboration and coordination amongst various service personnel to improve service delivery.

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