Newcomers Engagement and Empowerment Platform

Give Newcomers a seamless experience of getting services in their new country.

This is a configurable digital platform that enables agencies to collect, store and manage information of newcomers in a centralized manner to provide services effectively, efficiently and economically. It enriches the newcomers’ experience.

Our platform is ideal for organizations who are involved in human services. Enrich your clients’ experience today!


Seamlessly integrates processes, data, technology, policies, and reporting into a coordinated system to improve service delivery.

It enables newcomers to share their information (tell their story) one time instead of duplicating their information multiple times with multiple service providers.

Reduces the duplication of work effort and improves productivity by service personnel. The functionality of uploading data into government mandated systems eliminates the need for duplicate data entry activities.

Collects client information once during intake and creates a single, consistent record of a client that carries over to service providers

Simplifies and secures the access to client records. This system is fully auditable and secure and allows you to control who has access to what data

We strive to provide the best support in the industry!

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