INVORG enables new comers to rebuild their lives

The image of a toddler washed up on a beach near Turkey, fleeing of millions refugees escaping from the brutal wars, the recent arrival of Syrian refugees in Canada, and other recent news have brought back so much of my own memories to the forefront.

This month is remembered as a “Black July” by Sri Lankan Tamils around the world in commemoration of the killings of over 10,000 Tamils in July 1983. This carnage became a catalyst for the Sri Lankan Tamils exodus.

In October 1983, I arrived in Montreal, Canada and lead the foundation of an organization called “Thamilar Ozhi” (Light for the Tamils) to help refugees. Canadians have been rolling out welcome mats for refugees for years. Settlement agencies, churches, community organiations and individuals have been aiding the new comers to rebuild their lives in their new home. These agencies have been struggling to implement innovative solutions to assist these newcomers and to provide services effectively.

INVORG is partnering with a settlement agency and implementing an innovative digital platform to improve collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing to improve services and experience. This platform is powered by INVORG’s E6-Human Experience Engine.


by Joseph Edward, CEO / Chief Innovation Officer

Photo: ctto


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