E6-Incidents and Risks Management Platform

E6-IRMP enables organizations to collect and analyze incidents and reduces their risk level.


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Incidents can be reported from anywhere, at any time, using any device. This enables the timely collection of information related to incidents from the location of the incident.

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The built-in workflow functionality automatically allows incidents to be escalated to the appropriate authorities.

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The capturing of all incidents in one central place, enables decision-makers to identify root causes and take measures to prevent the incidents from occurring in the future.

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Why is E6-IRMP critical to an organization?

Ineffective, uncoordinated risk management could jeopardize the existence of any organization. In addition, this could also impact the clients and staff. In some cases, it could even be life and death. Having a Risk and Incident Management Platform enables organizations to capture the incidents and manage them in a proactive and coordinated manner.

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What is included in the E6-IRMP package?

E6-RIMP is built using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It includes a centralized data repository to collect and analyze the data to identify root causes and minimize the incidents. It also includes centralized workflow, dashboards, and functionalities for escalation and follow-up of incidents.

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How is the E6-IRMP implemented?

Implementation of E6-RIMP begins with understanding the organizational risks, the existing reporting mechanism, the data being collected during incidents and escalation procedures, the way data is collected, the type of data collected, and the categorization of risk.

E6 approach to implementing the Incidents and Risk Management Platform


Understand the organizational vision, goals, objectives, stake holders, and services.

Assess the current digital ecosystem including but not limited to people, policies, procedures, processes, data, tools, technologies, operational and governance framework, and gaps in the existing system in delivering the services.

Based on the assessment findings, we develop a strategy and implementation plans to develop a road map for execution.  

We ensure the plans are executed to achieve the goals and objectives. 

We provide continuous oversight to ensure the digital risk platform is fully aligned and effective. 

We measure the KPI’s and outcomes to find continuous opportunities.


This platform provides several dashboards for users to find real time information intuitively and efficiently. It also provides several reports to enable service delivery and decision-making.

Built using Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology. It can be used on site or in the cloud.

We configure and customize the data, processes and workflow to align with the organizational processes and needs.

Use industry security standards such as HL7. It has role-based security, which allows certain people access to certain information.

Integrates with internal systems and external legacy systems.

Updates for field staff using a secure mobile app.

Process automation and secure notifications.

The centralized database enables records to be shared amongst several agencies and provides a 360-degree view of a client.

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Our IRMP will enable:
The reporting of incidents from anywhere, anytime, using any device.
The escalation of incidents to the appropriate personnel.
The ability to customize the form and the processes based on organizational needs.
The collection of the incidents in one central place to analyze the root causes, patterns, and frequencies.
The reporting of an incident with minimum required information and the ability to update the report later.
Supervisors and managers to provide and add information to the reported incidents.
Supervisors and managers to create incidents on behalf of their direct reports.
Categorization of incidents based on the severity.
The secure notification of the appropriate individuals.

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