"After adversity, a career dream came true."


My name is David Rutledge and for years, I struggled to find a job that was a good fit for me. For a long time, I felt like my education was never going to be useful beyond being just a piece of paper on my wall. This is a short description of my story and how I felt.

For a long time, I had given up on my chosen background of IT and had not actively looked for a position in that field.

In late 2015, I found another seasonal position at a toy store close to where I live. But like most seasonal jobs, after 2 months at the end of the Christmas season, I was let go. I then began working in the backroom at a Walmart. I enjoyed the work and was happy that for once the work was not seasonal or contract, but I was still disappointed to have shelved my dreams of building a career in IT.

Then, after a month at Walmart, I was given the business card of INVORG CEO Joseph Edward and asked to consider giving him a call. To most people this would have been an easy yes, but for me it was not, because I was afraid that I didn’t have enough experience. It took a lot longer then it should have, but eventually I took the chance and called him to line up an interview.

On the day of interview, I was even scared to go inside, but it was Joseph himself who invited me in. From the beginning it felt different. I had a big worry going into this interview about not really having IT experience besides at college. In our conversation, Joseph revealed that he had hired others without prior product knowledge. It was liberating to feel like I was on a relatively even plane with others at the company. I got the job.

It has been an exciting and challenging experience to move out of the retail environment into the field my college courses and diploma had prepared me for. It took a lot time to discover the area of the company that best fit my skill set, but Joseph helped me to find the area where I would thrive. Early in this year I moved back to QA as an QA Assistant, and with patience from my supervisor and an improved testing system it has provided me with a chance to thrive and grow.  I managed to modernize my skill set in several areas and I also achieved my first professional certification in May in CRM. That was a shock to my system as I have not had a ton of personal successes in my personal or professional lives.  

Finding the right fit is a simple idea that a lot of people find but some, like me, will struggle to achieve.

What INVORG represents to me is patience and supporting coworkers who are there for you when you need it the most and push me to be the best that I can be to help the company and community.

For the first time in my working career, I feel like I found a true fit and a spark that will allow me to continue to improve personally and professionally.