Join us to talk business innovation!

Join us for our 2nd Quarterly event of 2017!

(Please feel free to submit topics, guest speakers, etc. for this group at any time!)



London Innovation Roundtable Discussion 

INVORG is pleased to host you -- changemakers, leaders, and community members -- for a roundtable on innovation on London. 

You are the ones who are in it, every day, working to build your businesses, innovate, and build something great. You each have valuable tips and insights on how to get things done, and you've also likely identified areas for improvement in London for businesses to grow. 

Let's come together for a roundtable discussion to learn from each other and build community among leaders and friends. 



• What inspired you to become an innovator?

• Top business growth resources in London

• Which organization membership(s) have offered you the most benefit (eg. Chamber, SBC, InnovationWorks)?

• Which area companies are most valuable for technology support and growth?#1 best app that has helped your business

• The state of startups in London - where does the city stand?


We may expand this roundtable into a series on more niche topics (innovation in technology, innovation in finance, etc.) but we will start with a general discussion to let the ideas flow.

The goal is for your to leave this roundtable with peer-reviewed ideas for innovation and new ways to transform your business (and maybe some friends and business contacts as well!)


WHEN: Thursday, September 14, 5:30-7pm

WHERE: INVORG offices at 111 Waterloo St in LondonPlease RSVP at