Unity in Diversity: A Story for Canada's 150th Anniversary


My name is Krupal Desai and I am a junior Software Developer at INVORG. Canada Day is very special to me because I have so much respect and gratitude for this country and the opportunities it has given me. Here is my story.

I grew up in Western India. It’s still difficult for me to talk about, but my father passed away when I was just twelve years old. As I grew up, I felt a growing sense of responsibility to provide for my mother, grandmother, and younger sister. In India, I worked as a software developer at an IT company, but I didn’t make enough money to support my family. Out of all the countries in the world, I had a dream of studying and working in Canada. I was ecstatic when I was accepted to the Master’s program at the University of Windsor, and I came to this country on a student visa. Now my dream was to learn something new, be trained, and give back to the local community.

After I graduated with my Master’s and I started looking for a job, things got rough. I gave many, many interviews before and after graduation. For the most part, the hiring managers seemed interested -- until I told them I was an international foreign worker. Even though I was perfectly legal to work in Canada, the interviews always ended when this information came up. I had hit a brick wall. Until I met Joseph Edward at INVORG.

At INVORG, it was different. They didn’t judge me based on my status. After they determined that I was a technical and culture fit for the role, they just wanted to confirm that I had the legal status to work in Canada. It was the CEO himself who called to deliver the good news that I was hired. INVORG accepted me despite my difference.

This opportunity has completely changed my life.

At INVORG, I have been trained, supported, and INVORG recently helped me to get Microsoft CRM Certified. That’s not to say that in the beginning I wasn’t nervous. Worried, tensed and along with an obvious fear of change, when I entered in INVORG for the first day that all melted away when I saw happy and smiling faces throughout the day. Over time, and with support from my managers and team, I naturally adapted that same smile within no time. The lesson I have learnt is that change is necessary for our personal growth and success. Easily said, but in real life, it can be a Herculean task to adapt to the changes. Before joining INVORG, in India, I was surrounded by only people who belonged to my culture and community. For the first time at INVORG, I got an opportunity to enjoy “Unity in Diversity.”

Working at INVORG always reminds me of a story from my childhood in India. One day, when I was young, I was getting bored in my room and decided to accompany my mother, who was busy working in the kitchen. While helping her, I saw two containers on the stove: one containing milk and one containing water. Each were boiling with almost equal temperature.  After some time, what I saw what was very common but meant a lot to me: even while boiling at the same temperature, the milk was increasing its mass, trying to spill over from the container, while water was still at the same position.

If I relate this scenario to our company, I consider the heat provided to the container as an opportunity, the container as an obstacle to the company and the milk particles as an employee of our company. Our employees always help each other -- as the milk particles help each other -- to come out of the container, breaking all the obstacles to succeed. This is in contrast to the water particles fighting with each other, wasting their energy instead of changing their current state.

On my first day at INVORG, my new boss said to me, “We are always here to help you.” In saying that, he taught me that helping your coworker, neighbor, community, fellow citizens and other humans is the greatest thing one can do. To encapsulate, I am thankful to INVORG, for providing me an opportunity to work in the great environment with the great people who always reminds that I am at the correct place. “Choose your workplace where you enjoy your work.” I am so grateful to celebrate ‘unity in diversity’ in communities of all shapes and sizes on Canada Day.

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