Let us help you transform your business with our patent E6 -Human Experience Engine

Let us help you transform your business with our patent E6 -Human Experience Engine

Let us help you transform your business with our patent E6 -Human Experience Engine


E6-Human Experience Engine

E6-Human Experience Engine

Our journey with our clients begins with an Engagement session to understand the vision, goals, and objectives of their organization and to build a trusted and lasting relationship. Following the engagement session, we move on to an Enlightenment session. In this session, we learn from each other and explore the current organizational challenges, future opportunities, and possibilities for transforming their organization. Having the organization’s vision as our guide, we move on to the next phases of Evaluation, Enablement, and Enrichment. This human-centred approach to implementing innovative digital solutions and services empowers those who are impacted by the journey and provide true end-to-end human experience.

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  • Engage
  • Enlighten
  • Evaluate
  • Enable
  • Enrich
  • Empower

We listen and understand our clients’ business challenges as well as opportunities. We build trust by forming true partnerships with our clients.

Learn from our clients and impart our knowledge to help them understand available possibilities.

Evaluate the organizational ecosystem including people, processes, policies, procedures, systems, data, and technology.

Provide our clients with the tools and solutions to combat any challenges with or without our subsequent involvement.

Train internal and external stakeholders to leverage the solutions fully to achieve the maximum value.

Empower our clients to think outside the box to develop their own solutions with or without our help.

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What is E6-Human Experience Engine?

E6-Human Experience Engine is a unique framework designed from over 100 years of collective experience in successfully implementing digital transformation initiatives in organizations of all industries and sizes. INVORG leverages this framework for organizational transformation when enabled by digital solutions.
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Why is E6-Human Experience Engine critical to an organization?

Digital transformation affects humanity in a profound manner. For this reason, every digital transformation must keep human experience at the core of delivering digital solutions.

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How we deliver the Human Experience Engine?

We deliver human experience engine by leveraging our E6-Human Experience Engine framework from engagement to empowerment during the delivery of services and implementation of digital platforms. 

E6- Human Experience Engine

E6 Success story

Our E6-Human Experience Engine framework enables organizations to make strategic decisions about their digital investments, rather than just focusing on technological needs. The successful use of our E6-Human Experience Engine, resulted in the transformation of home and community support services. It enabled the formation of a virtual organizational structure of over 52 agencies to deliver home and community support services, collaboratively and cohesively to clients and caregivers. This approach not only resulted in savings to the health system, but it also delivered the true end-to-end experience of a close-to-home, client-centred experience.

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