E6 – Security, Privacy Risk Management Program

“Putting lipstick on a naked pig” is a statement I heard 20 years ago in my information security class at Carnegie Melon University in Pittsburgh, USA. Seems like we are still doing the same after 20 years.

In today’s digitally connected world, businesses have “become digital” than businesses “using digital”. Today’s CIO’s are not thinking of aligning digital with business. Rather they develop and implement strategies for transforming businesses as “digital businesses”.

Digital and businesses have become one and the same. They are intertwined. Digital ecosystems have become the core of the overall business ecosystem. Business capabilities are fueled by technologies.

This level of integration has expedited the transformation and innovation exponentially while posing enormous challenges to individuals, businesses, organizations and especially those who are in the field of protecting the children, seniors and other citizens from falling prey to those who leverage this connected digital ecosystem for their own greed and sexual ends.

The connected world has allowed hackers to access information from a remote corner of the world thousands of miles away and bring down the businesses to its knees and destroying businesses from mere existence. In many cases, these hackers are not only affecting the businesses from existence, but also pushing millions of people around the world to the brink of despair.

Lately, state governments have started employing hackers to disrupt democratic elections around the world to change the world order. The hacking of US elections in 2016 is an example of the greatest threats posed by the globally connected ecosystem. These hackers are interfering in democratic elections and posing great threats to democratic institutions and democracy.

According to studies, a single data breach will cost the average company $3.8 million. Juniper Research suggests that this will exceed $150 million by 2020. This doesn’t take into consideration the human toll caused by these data breaches.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett claims that cyber threats are the biggest threat to mankind and that they are bigger than threats from nuclear weapons.

The question remains, are we doing enough and doing the right thing? According to a recent study, businesses in Canada has spent over 14 billion last year in cyber-security initiatives. With all these investments, why are we still experiencing data breaches every day? Are we just “putting lipstick on a naked pig”?

INVORG enables not-for-profit organizations to transform and innovate. Transformation and innovation often mean building business capabilities fueled by digital capabilities. Having a secure digital ecosystem is a must for any type of innovation. Not-for-Profit organizations often collect and store personal data from millions of people. By nature of the services, they provide the information is collected from people who are already affected by socio and economic pressure of the society. Not doing enough to protect the information of these people are not only illegal, but it also goes against the values of not-for-profits.

INVORG’s E6-Security, Privacy and Risk Management program is designed to protect not-for-profits and other organizations becoming victims of the “greatest threat to mankind”.

Authored by JOSEPH EDWARD – Founder & Chief Innovation Officer @INVORG Joseph is a result-oriented, award-winning visionary leader with a passion for community. He founded INVORG focusing on client-centric service delivery platform for innovating local organizations, not-for-profits, home and community support organizations and small to medium sized businesses. Joseph holds a Chief Information Officer Certification from Carnegie Melon University, USA and from the US General Services Administration. He is an IT veteran with over 20 years of leadership in technology, including four years as CTO for the City of London.



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