Developing virtual organizational model to enable client-centred, close-to-home Home and Community Support Services


Over the years, various Ontario governments have implemented centralized organizational model to coordinate and deliver home and community support services (CSS). This approach has not delivered on the promise of delivering close-to-home, client-centered service to those in need.

INVORG is implementing an innovative Client-Centred Care Platform for enabling several agencies in Ontario to form a virtual organizational model to transform home and community support services, and to enrich the experience of patients, caregivers and service providers. This is a transformation taking place in a small rural part of Ontario.

Recently, I had an opportunity to present the experience of this transformation to group of CSS agencies in northern Ontario, another geographically dispersed area of our province.

Here are some of the statements from those who took part in the discussion.

“We have been waiting for something like this over 8 years. We are no better today than eight years ago”

“How come this could happen in a small city and not in big cities”. Innovation could happen any where provided there is an innovative and passionate leadership. The leadership brought together many like minded people and steered the ship with a shared vision towards common goals and objectives.

This transformation is enabled by the innovative and intelligent digital platform architecture; designed, developed and continuously improved those who are part of the transformation. INVORG uses its unique and proven E6-Human Experience Engine to propel this transformation every step of the way.

Article by:

Joseph Edward

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer @INVORG

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