We consult and implement CRM as a business strategy to run, grow, and transform your company.

We consult and implement CRM as a business strategy to run, grow, and transform your company.

We consult and implement CRM as a business strategy to run, grow, and transform your company.


E6-Customer Relationship Manager Implementation as a Service

Benefits of Client Relationship Management Implementation

We consult and implement CRM as a business strategy to run, grow, and transform.

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We implement CRM as a business strategy taking into consideration organizational vision, goals, objectives, and outcomes and to integrate people, process, technologies, and data to achieve the maximum return on investment. 

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E6-CRMiaaS combines various technologies, making it affordable. We strategize and optimize a best-in-class CRM platform that solves your organization’s challenges and creates new opportunities.

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CRMi is implemented over a period of months and in some cases years which enables users to learn and ensure the CRM adapts to the new platform and new way of doing things.

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Why is E6-CRMiaaS critical to an organization?

According to Gartner, “CRM must be at the heart of every digital transformation.” For organizations to transform in the digital era, CRM must be part of the digital ecosystem.

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What is included in the E6-CRMiaaS package?

We provide end-to-end CRM implementation as a business strategy. The CRM includes development of CRM vision, CRM strategy, CRM implementation roadmap and CRM implementation oversight and training. 

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How is E6-CRMiaaS implemented?

INVORG uses its own unique E6-Human Experience Engine and other industry best practices and frameworks to implement CRM. CRM implementation begins with understanding the organization’s vision, goals, and objectives. Finally, we develop a strategy and roadmap. 

E6 approach to implementing CRMiaaS

We begin by understanding the organizational vision, mission, goals, objectives, and outcomes to form a CRM vision and strategy for successful implementation. 

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of the organization, people, process, data, technology, procedures, and policies. We analyze the gap between the current state and the future state required to achieve the organizational goals and objectives.

Based on the findings, we develop a CRM vision; CRM Strategy plans and road maps for successful implementation.

We ensure the plans are executed to achieve the goals and objectives.  

We provide continuous oversight to ensure the digital risk management is fully aligned and effective. 

We continually measure the results to identify the gaps for continuous improvement and optimization. 

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We configure and customize the data, processes and work flow to align with organizational processes and needs. 

We integrate people, process, data, policies, and technology. 

CRM implementation impacts the whole organization. For this reason, the change management is crucial, and it is incorporated as part of this service.

Security and privacy of information is critical for organizational transformation. This service ensures the right information gets into the hands of the right users.

This service enables access to the functionalities and data from anywhere anytime.

The seamless integration of functions and data from anywhere anytime, increases productivity and improves client experience. In the long run, it also saves money for the organization.

Since this service is implemented over a period of months and years, we work with organizations to set up a monthly plan to make it affordable.

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Our success stories with some case studies

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Our CRMi will:
service excellence to all stakeholders
the cost of delivering service
the security of the data and enhance privacy
360-degree view of client information
seamlessly with other internal and external systems to share data
end-to-end client experience
the business processes
accessibility to the information from anywhere anytime via any device
secure and real time notification to enhance services
emerging technologies to increase the value of overall investment

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