Conservatory Canada selects INVORG to Lead Business Transformation

INVORG Customer Story: Conservatory Canada



Conservatory Canada was faced with a serious business continuity risk and business growth impediment with an archaic student and teacher portal. Their system was out of date, was no longer eligible for support, and disrupted their ability to run, grow and transform business.


Conservatory Canada reached out to INVORG asking for help with a complete system replacement. However, after performing an initial high-level current state and needs assessment at no cost, INVORG instead recommended first to do the minimum to upgrade the existing system to mitigate the immediate business continuity risk and to secure, stabilize and upgrade the existing code base to the current and supported levels.

INVORG saved time, money, resources and reduced risk as soon as possible to allow time for Conservatory Canada and INVORG to develop more comprehensive digital transformation strategy aligned with Conservatory Canada’s business goals and objectives.


INVORG’s approach eliminated the risk of losing the system and all the information at a fraction of the cost and included the following enhancements:

•Uplift of the portal to the current code level
•Security improvement to reduce the risk of students’ and teachers’ personal information getting into the hands of unauthorized individuals
•Implementation of proper processes and a platform for performing future upgrades and bug fixes with minimal impact to the users
•Migration of the whole portal to a more secure and reliable hosting environment.
•Today, INVORG provides support for the system as well as offering consulting on a long-term strategy to transform their business through innovative technology and enhanced business processes.


✓ INVORG saved Conservatory Canada thousands of dollars vs. implementing a completely new system, mitigated their operational risk immediately, and reduced future operating costs.

✓ Conservatory Canada experienced a 10x net reduction in support costs, while enjoying additional functionality.

✓ INVORG acts as a trusted advisor to Conservatory Canada, advising them on a long-term, macro business strategy that preserves time, money, and resources and helps them reinvest in growth and transformation instead of just solving technology problems.
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