Uplifting the community is at the heart of everything we do.


INVORG develops opportunities for unemployed and underemployed persons and students. We provide them with meaningful technical and business experience through training and participation in real business projects.

We specialize in helping public service organizations innovate.

Our tools connect people and resources in ways that improve their quality of life. 


In 2012, after I had been unemployed for about a year and a half, the London Employment Help Center told me that a certain person at the City of London had consented to employ myself and five other Ontario Works (OW) clients. That person was Joseph Edward, CTO for the City. Joseph is a good leader, and a good man. He made sure that the six OW clients, though only contractors, received a generous amount of training and work exposure.
— David Crabtree, Solutions Developer


INVORG actively works to create an inclusive, purpose-driven working environment. We believe team members are more invested in their work when they see the greater impact of their efforts. Our vision is to uplift the community through innovative technology.

Email us at innovation@invorg.com to inquire about job opportunities for technical and non-technical roles. 

We hire people who share similar values with our leadership and team -- that's what you can't teach.  


 Results from independent 2017 INVORG Workplace Culture Survey

Results from independent 2017 INVORG Workplace Culture Survey