E6-CIOaaS combines the roles of Chief Information Officer and Chief Innovation Officer.

E6-CIOaaS combines the roles of Chief Information Officer and Chief Innovation Officer.

E6-CIOaaS combines the roles of Chief Information Officer and Chief Innovation Officer.


E6-Chief Information Officer as a Service

Benefits of Chief Information Officer

E6-CIOaaS combines the role of Chief Information Officer and Chief Innovation Officer

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E6-CIOaaS aligns the digital investment with organizational goals and objectives. The strategic nature of this service enables organizations to streamline their operations. This service focuses on value creation for the enterprise.

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Our E6-CIOaaS helps organizations reduce the cost of running their digital ecosystem and channels the investment towards digitally enabled business projects for growth and transformation.

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CIOaaS enables organizations to simplify their digital footprint and integration of various systems to provide operational efficiency and better stakeholder experience.

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Why is E6-CIOaaS critical to an organization?

Taking a strategic approach to digital investment is critical for continuous viability of organizations and their success. In the absence of a CIO, many organizations are taking a tactical approach to their digital investments rather than aligning with the organizational goals and objectives. E6-CIOaaS fills the gap of not having a CIO in the organization.

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What is included in the E6-CIOaaS package?

E6-CIOaaS provides strategic advice and guidance, execution support and governance for all digital investments made by the organization. Often, E6-CIOaaS begins with development of a digital transformation strategy aligned with business goals and objectives. This strategy gets translated into small strategies such as staffing, financial, technology, risk, operational plans, and road maps for effective execution. It also includes oversight of the execution to ensure the delivery of the expected results. 

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How is E6-CIOaaS implemented?

INVORG follows a 6-step systematic approach for implementing E6-CIOaaS. It begins with analyzing the organizational vision, mission, goals, objectives, values, and expected outcomes. Then CIOaaS continues to provide management service to ensure the digital ecosystem performs at an optimal level. Finally, CIOaaS measures the results on a periodic basis and reports the results to identify opportunities and gaps for continuous improvement.

E6 approach to implementing CIOaaS

We begin our journey with understanding the vision, mission, goals, and objectives and outcomes to formulate the strategy for CIOaaS.

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of organizations, people, processes, data, technology, procedures and policies. We analyze the gap between the current state and the future state required to achieve the organizational goals and objectives.

Based on the findings, we develop a strategy, implementation plans, and road maps for execution.

We help organizations leverage internal and external resources to execute the plans. As an optional service, we also provide project management services.

We provide oversight to ensure the plans are executed to achieve the outlined objectives and results.

We continue to measure the results to identify gaps and continuous improvements to increase the overall value of digital investment.

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We simplify the ecosystem by eliminating systems and solutions which are not aligned with organizational goals and objectives. 

E6-CIOaaS helps organizations standardize their digital infrastructure leveraging industry best practices and solutions. 

We seamlessly integrate people, processes, data, and technology to eliminate data silos, reduce costs, and improve productivity and overall experience.

We reduce the cost of running the digital eco-system and redirect the investment towards digitally enabled business projects for growth and transformation.

We help to implement a comprehensive digital risk program for securing digital assets from all types of risks. 

We work with our clients to develop an affordable and sustainable investment plan to obtain E6-CIOaaS to complement other capabilities that exist in the organization.

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Our CIO will:

continuous alignment of digital ecosystem with business goals and objectives
digital infrastructure contributing to greater level protection of organizational and clients' digital information
the costs for “keeping the lights on”
increase in digital investment for growth and transformative projects
standardized, secure, reliable ICT infrastructure
short-term and long-term savings from better contract negotiations and elimination of legacy systems
Information Management Methodology contributing to efficiency, quality decisions and greater customer satisfaction
digital services resulting in operational efficiency and effectiveness
effective digital governance contributing to improved ICT decisions
and high-performance digital infrastructure contributing to expert staff level and client satisfaction

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