E6-Client Centred Care Platform

E6-CCCP is an innovative digital platform that enables home and community-based organizations seamlessly deliver appropriate services to their clients and caregivers

Benefits of Client Centred Care Platform

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The platform brings multiple organizations together to work as one virtual organization. This seamlessly integrates people, processes, data, and technology service monitoring and reporting. 

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This model enables the approach of “every door is the right door” for clients. With this approach, clients only have to tell their story once-improving client experience.

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Improved and more consistent data about the client, their circle of care contacts, scheduling, and coordination of services among agencies. 

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Why is E6-CCCP critical to an organization?

A platform such as E6-CCCP is critical to organizations involved in home and community support services. Home and community support services involves many stakeholders such as various organizations, clients, caregivers, volunteers, systems etc. A platform like E6-CCCP is very critical in bringing all the stakeholder pillars together to improve the client experience and health outcomes. 

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What is included in the E6-CCCP package?

Dynamic CRM provides a mature and stable platform on which to build our E6-Client Centred Care Platform (CCCP). E6-CCCP provides a centralized client and service database, automated workflows, centralized scheduling, improved data quality, and application of required questionnaires for screening, intake, and caregiver services

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How is the E6-CCCP implemented?

INVORG understands that every organization is unique and we do not believe in the cookie-cutter approach to implementing products or services. For this reason, INVORG leverages its unique E6-HEE framework and other methodologies to understand the organizational vision, goals, objectives, and current processes to develop an E6-CCCP strategy to achieve the organizational outcomes. 

E6 approach implementing Client Centred Care Platform


Understand organizational vision, goals, objectives, stakeholders, and services provided to align the client-centered care platform accordingly.

Assess the current digital ecosystem including but not limited to people, policies, procedures, processes, data, tools, technologies, operational and governance framework and gaps in the existing system in delivering the services. 

Based on the assessment findings, we develop a client-centred care platform strategy and implementation plan to develop a road map for execution. 

We ensure the plans are executed to achieve the goals and objectives. 

We provide continuous oversight to ensure the client-centred care platform is fully aligned and effective.

We measure the KPI’s and outcomes to find continuous opportunities.  


This platform provides several dashboards for users to find real-time information intuitively and efficiently. Also provides several reports to enable service delivery and decision-making.

Built using Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology. It can be used on site or in the cloud. 

We configure and customize the data, processes, and work flow to align with organizational processes and needs.

Uses health security standards such HL7 and FHIR to protect the data from unauthorized access.

Integrates with internal systems and external legacy systems.

Provides information via mobile device to allow staff and clients to access information from anywhere.

“Every door is the right door” design allows a client to initiate service through any agency. 

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Community Support Services are a critical part of the overall health services system in Canada. In geographically dispersed areas, these services are delivered by a loose network of organizations. The lack of centralized & accuratedata, lack of coordination, collaboration, communication, and sharing of service schedules & status among staff & volunteers resulted in process inefficiency & poor client experience.


Dynamics CRM provided a mature & stable platform on which to build our E6 Client-Centred Care Platform (CCCP). E6 CCCP provides a centralized client & service database, automated work flows, centralized scheduling, improved data quality & application of required questionnaires for screening, intake &caregiver services. “Every door is the right door” design allows a client toinitiate service through any agency. Client consent authorizes the sharing of information with agencies providing service. Process automation & secure notifications ensure updates for field staff using a secure mobile app.


Better client experience- clients only have to tell their story once. Improved & more consistent data about the client, their circle of care contacts, scheduling & coordination of services among agencies. Better monitoring & reporting of outcomes to agency management, board of directors, donors, & regulatory agencies.

Our CCCP will enable:
Centralized data management to provide 360-degree view of clients and caregivers.
Secure notification system to inform service providers and clients.
Referral mechanism to refer clients to other agencies.​​
Ability to create dashboards and reports to improve service delivery and operations.
Multiple organizations work together as one virtual organization.
Intelligent and intuitive intake engine to provide an efficient intake process.
Centralised consent management to share information with appropriate individuals.
Ability to customise intake questionnaires and to create new intake questionnaires to meet specific needs of organizations.
Seamless integration with other internal and external systems to share data.

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