Community Support Services (CSS) sector is very integral for providing holistic health services for seniors and others with health-related issues.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most neglected and underfunded sectors. But this is a sector with thousands of volunteers with big HEARTS.

Few years ago, 15 CSS agencies from a region called Huron Perth (HP) in South Western Ontario, Canada, came together and decided to address the problems faced by seniors and caregivers in getting CSS. They wanted to deliver Patients-First, One-Sector, Client-Centered Experience to all seniors and care givers in their region. They decided to walk the talk. The transformation journey of CSS in HP began with a vision and with the support of South West LHIN.

Today is a great day for the seniors and caregivers in this region. Community Support Services Network (CSSN) will be officially launched today. After many years of hard work of thousands of people their dream has become a reality.

This will transform the way community support services are delivered in this region. Eventually this will be integrated with other sectors to provide true One-Sector Experience.

INVORG is very proud to be part of this transformation journey. We enabled this journey by implementing a digital platform.

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