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10 Critical capabilities for transforming the home and community support services sector.

Date- September 15th, 2022 (Thursday)
Time- 11am to 12pm (EST)

Are you a member of a home and community support services organization and willing to enrich the client's experience?

If yes,

This webinar is for you!

10 Critical capabilities for transforming the home and community support services sector.

Home and community support services play a critical role in our community and also in the healthcare sector. Not only do these services save millions of dollars to the healthcare system, but they also ensure people who need healthcare assistance to live in their homes are getting these services comfortably for a healthier and happy life while improving overall health outcomes and experiences.
Unfortunately, these home and community support services are underfunded and the demand for their services keeps increasing at an alarming rate. In addition, all the stakeholders who are involved in these services are demanding to deliver services effectively, efficiently, economically, and transparently to enrich the experience for all.

In this webinar, digital transformation leaders with years of experience helping the not-for-profit sector, especially home and community support organizations, will share their experiences in leveraging innovative digital solutions in managing the above-mentioned challenges and delivering a seamless experience. Tune in live to gain valuable insight into the possibilities of transforming house and community service organizations.
Things You will get from this webinar,
  • Highlights on digital transformation and the role of digital transformation, in transforming home and community support services organizations.
  • Common challenges and opportunities in the home and community support services sector.
  • 10 Critical capabilities organizations must develop in transforming their organizations.
  • Innovative digital solutions organizations could leverage to digitally transformed.
  • High-level road map to embark on the digital transformation journey.

Featured speakers

Joseph Edward


Chief Digital Transformation Officer

Sai Jyothi Rohit Kumar


Senior Business Analyst

Kate Campbell


Client Advocate

There is no cost for participants to attend this webinar.

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