Transforming Not-for-Profit sectors…

Not-for-Profit organizations are the heart and soul of every community. Without a vibrant Not-for-Profit sector, the communities will lose their souls and will become deserted.

People from all sectors and economic and socio backgrounds rely on community support organizations for one reason or another. Only the degree and reasons for their reliance vary.

Some people rely on community organizations to send their children for sports activities such as soccer, baseball, etc. while others rely on other community support organizations to get meals delivered to their loved few times a week.

Some rely on community organizations to enjoy nice fireworks with their family, especially with their children on a Canada day or Victoria Day while others rely on them to organize an adult day program for their fathers and mothers to enjoy community time and activities outside the home.

In almost all cases, these activities are organized by Not-for-Profit organizations. We often take these organizations and generosity of thousands of volunteers for granted.

In the coming years, the demand for these services will explode exponentially. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) creeping into every aspect of our lives, millions of people will lose their jobs. According to several reports, 20-30% of the current jobs will disappear.

This human disruption will put an enormous pressure on not-for-profit organizations to deliver more with less. These organizations will be facing an enormous pressure to be extremely effective and efficient in delivering their services. Many donors will lose their ability to donate to these organizations.

The remaining donors and founders will demand more transparency and value for every dollar spent. The government regulations will demand more scrutiny in every aspect of their operations.

Unfortunately, many not-for-profit organizations are still operating the way they were operating in the last century.

• Computers are being used as glorified typewriters and intelligent calculators than transforming agents.
• Technology decisions are being made ad hoc without aligning with the overall goals and objectives of the organizations and without any due diligence around security and privacy.
• Digital security is being taken very lightly putting the privacy and security of thousands of benefactors and beneficiaries at high risk.
• Board of directors are being exposed to legal issues due to lack of due diligence being applied to the digital assets in these organizations

All these inefficiencies, lack of security and privacy measures and outdated operational models are having a real toll on those who seek help and support.
Beneficiaries are asked to jump through the hoops and retell their stories again and again to get support and service.

In many cases, these people are put into relive their nightmares again and again. To say the least, this is very in-human and undignified for those to come to the doorsteps of these organizations looking for help.

Inadvertently, due to their outdated operational models, lack of right tools, inefficient use of existing tools and resources, organizations which are supposed to be in the business of uplifting causing the unpleasant experience to those whom they serve.

In order for Not-for-Profit organizations to survive and continue providing the valuable service and to provide true end-to-end human experience, they need to innovate and transform. Innovation is a journey and not an event. Transformation is a paradigm shift.

INVORG is in the business of enabling Not-for-Profits to transform and Innovate by leveraging innovative solutions including digital solutions, best practices, frameworks, and resources. We help organizations to develop digital transformation strategies with sustainable and executable and measurable plans and road maps. We implement CRM as a business strategy than a technology solution. We act as your Chief Innovation Officer to continuously assist you with making sound digital decisions. In other words, we help you so that you could continuously uplift those who come to you in mind, body, and spirit.

Authored by JOSEPH EDWARD – Founder & Chief Innovation Officer @INVORG
Joseph is a result-oriented, award-winning visionary leader with a passion for community. He founded INVORG focusing on client-centered service delivery platform for innovating local organizations, not-for-profits, home and community support organizations and small to medium sized businesses. Joseph holds a Chief Information Officer Certification from Carnegie Melon University, USA and from the US General Services Administration. He is an IT veteran with over 20 years of leadership in technology, including four years as CTO for the City of London.


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