E6 Client-Centred Care Platform

We at INVORG have developed an innovative solution for organizations in the home and community support services sector.

E6 Client-Centred Care Platform is designed and developed by and for people who are involved in delivering the home and community support services to address the challenges in multi-site coordination and integration; performing intake, care or service assessment, scheduling client appointments; and delivering the service from end-to-end. E6-CCCP is also designed to facilitate systems innovation in the sector.

Features & Benefits

• Intake and assessment engine-based

• Open-system architecture

• Online portal for easy registration and service inquiry

• Collaborative and integrative system

• Secure notification system

• Mobile application connectivity

• Ability to analyze data intelligently

• On-premise or cloud hosting

• Adheres to the Health Security Standards: HL7, FHIR

• Protects your investments on legacy systems

• Intuitive and powerful scheduling tool

All these at a fraction of the cost!

E6 CCCP is powered by the E6 Human Experience Engine which utilizes innovative approaches, methodologies, tools and platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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